Cheryl Schuermann       Author and Literacy Consultant

Author Cheryl Schuermann

​​​​​Cheryl Schuermann LOVES to write. she is actively working on several projects for both children and adults. Cheryl taught school for many years and is now a consultant and staff development trainer in literacy education. Cheryl wants every teacher she meets to be well-equipped to teach reading, and every student she meets to love reading and learning. When she is not in schools or writing, she can be found having fun with her thirteen grandchildren (yes, 13! And, loving every minute of it.)

Cheryl has always admired medical research scientists. Every family in the world is affected by illness and disease in some way. She found it an honor to write about Jordan Tang of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. By reading about Dr. Tang, Cheryl hopes students will become excited about research science and inspired to think … create … and discover.